Yesterday and Today :)
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Hello! Hello! Bored? Well i am! Uhh.. So umm? Yesterday I woke up in the morning got dressed then went to my grandmother's house. Later, I watched Harry Potter with my cousins. Then we went to McDonalds for lunch :) After that we rested for a while then when to BJ to buy my brother a jersey for this birthday present. His birthday is tomorrow :)
Then all the five cousins had ice - cream! And we went back home! :P Ohh and today i stepped on a snail in school! I was freaked out all the while! Well thats it :) Bye!


@ 7:06 PM
Pictures of Justin Bieber!
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Okay! I just can take it! I HAVE TO POST SOME PICTURES! HE IS SO CUTE!


Ok i love this pic!

Both of them are so CUTE!




WOW! just WOW!


Ahh! I feel better! Okay. i'm just bored. So i'm posting this. LOL! If u don't like justin bieber. Its okay.. BUT I DO LIKE HIM :)


@ 10:59 PM
Jam tarts!
Yum! My mom, my sister and I made Jam Tarts!! We will take some back to kulim! Its so Yummy! :)
Its my mom's secret recipe. OMG! i already had four pieces I want one more!

I rolled the jam into small tiny round balls. My hand was so sticky after that. LOL! I wanted to
take a picture but i didn't get to. Will take a picture later and post it later. I think i'm gonna grab
one more jam tart right now! Haha!!

Thats all about the jam tarts.


@ 9:45 PM
Roshan the puppy

OMG! he is so cute! I'm talking about the puppy. His name is Roshan. He is five months old and he is NOT MINE!
I don't know what type of dog he is, but he is so adorable! He fell asleep into my arms.

This picture was taken in Kulim. You can see my uncle behind. HAHA! When we came to Kulim he was running around the house and it was so cute! Well after we left we were all so SAD! :( I hope i get to see Roshan again. :)

Thats all about this puppy!


@ 4:00 AM
Monday, January 31, 2011
Hi everyone! Just finished my maths homework. *phew* . This friday i'm going back to kulim. Its gonna be FUN.
I need ideas and games to make us feel the fun there. BTW i love SNSD and their songs! I like Yoona the best. :P

Okay back to the games and fun.. I really don't know what to do there! Give me ideas at the shoutmix haha!
This is just a short post! So thats all.


@ 7:22 PM
Justin Bieber
Sunday, January 30, 2011
OMJDB! OMJDB! Justin Bieber is COMING! TO KL! I so wanna go! My father says yes i can go but i did not book the ticket! ITS GONNA BE SOLD OUT!

Okay and then my sister said that her friend have 2 VIP TICKETS LEFT AND SHE DOES NOT WANT IT!!!!! Maybe i can get it but.. i have to pay! And it so expensive! Oh NO! Now what do I do?

Will think of something. Gotta go do maths!
p/s : I'll PRAY! HAHA!


@ 11:50 PM
Justin Bieber - Pray

I don't know why you all hate Justin Bieber? All i know is watch this video and you will know why we like him.

@ 4:51 AM